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i’d replace it with “J. Mikhael”

i’d replace it with “J. Mikhael”

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Dreamy… :)

Dreamy… :)

Las Vegas room-pic.

2011 <3

Bus Ride-Going to the Orange County Fair!!


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"Does your tattoos effect obtaining a job or a carreer? What do you plan on becoming when you’re older? Are you currently employed?"

So, I’m supposed to go jogging right now, but then I saw this question, and I had to answer it before I go running.

I AM currently employed.  I work full-time as an embalmer/mortician. I’ve worked hard to get where I am right now.  It is a career, and not just a job. I enjoy what I do, and I love every moment of it.  (and yes, I went to school for this.) There is something new every day when I walk into the building.  I am able to help the families cope with their loss.  

With that said, having tattoos DOES NOT stop me from obtaining a job.  I am smart about it. I don’t get tattoos on areas I cannot cover up.  I dress appropriately and professionally.  I am not a kid with a mentality of “F U.” I’m older and wiser.  People will always judge you for how you look in the business world.  If you want to work somewhere and make the income, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of that particular company.  If you want to make your own rules for your own business, then, go ahead. 

With that said, this is a note to all the people who claim this statement, “You have too many tattoos.  I feel sad for you when you’re older.” or “Tattoos make you look like a slut. I’d prefer brains over a tattoo’d girl any day of the week.”   People, people, people.  I see death everyday.  Tattoos or no tattoos, we all look the same in the end.  Skin will wrinkle, and crack, and peal, and dry out.  In fact, some people who come in with tattoos look better than those without.  Also! To those who say I have way too many, what do you look like? Are you saying you look like you’re in tip top condition? Do you have a perfect body? I don’t think so.  Stop judging me and stop judging others who choose to do whatever they want to their body.  People with tattoos DO NOT have uglier skin when they’re older any more than do people without tattoos.  Also, I DO HAVE a brain.  Are you saying that every single person without a tattoo is smarter and wiser than those with tattoos? Puh-lease.  Stop stereotyping.  Does that make all blondes dumb? All fat people loners? All geeks losers? All buff people douche-bags? All pretty boys gay? All lawyers mundane? All drop-outs stupid?  No! I’m smart and a good person. Having tattoos does not make me any less than you.  If anything, you leaving crude and unnecessary comments makes you the ass for wasting your time sending negative joojoo’s in the universe. LIve your life and be happy.  I know I am.

heart hug


"Information brings wisdom
Wisdom brings understanding
Understanding brings tolerance”